Our Top 10 Favorite Southern Idioms - Bless Your Heart

Southern Idioms: From "Bless Your Heart" To "Goodness Gracious"

Well, ain't you precious. Folks who have never been to the south have no idea how common southern idioms are in everyday speech. A Southern dictionary could help.

If you're from the South, well, I reckon ya might be wantin' a refresher. Here's a list of funny southern phrases.

1. Bless Your Heart

It sounds good, but it really ain't. If somebody says it to you, you have just said or done something that makes them think you're probably stupid. It's also pronounced "yer." Bless it works too, but it just ain't got the same effect.

Fixing To

2. Fixin' To

I'm about to. I'm gettin' around to it. Gimme a minute and I'll make it happen.


3. Y'all

Like "you all", "everybody" and such. Also, "you'uns" in some areas. A bigger group is called "all y'all".

I Reckon

4. I Reckon

Probably. Most likely. I guess so. Mmmhhhmmmm. Aight Then.

Quit Being Ugly

5. Quit Being Ugly

This ain't got nothing to do with appearances. This is about someones inner self or just how badly they're behaving. Can be used as He ugly or She's ugly.

Goodness Gracious

6. Goodness Gracious

This is teetering on clutching your pearls in surprise. It's used for being surprised, alarmed, or anything in between.


7. Jeet

We added some extra letters to eat, and made it start with a J. Let's use it in a sentence. Did you Jeet yet? Yon't some? So now you ain't gotta wait until the cows come home to ask someone to dinner.

Madder n a wet hen

8. Madder'n a wet hen

We use this to describe a woman who is furious and causing a scene. It's a better version than drama queen. Why a wet hen? Well, hens go through a thing called broodiness. They will not stop at any length to incubate their eggs and will pitch a hissy fit when you try to take their eggs. Chickens were then dunked in water to stop this broodiness. Madder than a wet hen. You get the point. 

Over Yonder

9. Over Yonder

A place, not too far away. Otherwise it would be "WAY over younder."

Livin' In High Cotton

10. Livin' In High Cotton

When you got nice things. When things are going good, all your cars run and none of your dogs or chickens are sickly.


This list is only the beginning. I'll post more soon, if the creek don't rise.